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Great Dorset Steam Fair

Just to remind people that it is very nearly that time of year again. The show is on from Wednesday 27 August to Sunday 31 August. For those only really interested in the fair side of things there is reduced admission after 5pm.

For more details see

I shall once again be there with Lucy the roller so come and find me in the back right corner of the main show field.

What time do the rides close away on the Sunday? Would really like to do this event this year but can only make the 31st.

From memory they normally start closing down from 3pm onwards. Dependss really on if they've got to get somewhere else sharpish.

It depends on how busy they are. Obviously all the while they've got customers they'll keep open. I have known the odd ride to run into the evening but unless the weather is particularly good I'd suggest you should reckon on most to be pulling down by 4 o'clock at the latest.

Since the show doesn't run into the evening entrance is quite a bit cheaper on the Sunday.

Any body know a line up at all.

Beaker said he'd give me a call with a line up at some point over the weekend when he gets down there with his Roller.

Phil and I are going down on Friday for the Bad Manners gig, and maybe a ride or two.

Oh YEH!! Bad Manners rock. It should be good....

Here's a list of rides courtesy of Beaker.

KMG Tango
Spinning Mouse
Log Flume
After Burner
Mega Spin
Super Star
Super Bowl
Jump n Smile
Plus the usual suspects and of course the old school rides like Steam Yacts and Gallopers.

Looking forward to it now. After the huge disappointment of Southampton Common at the weekend I'm glad to see Roller and Super Star in the line up for Dorset. Should keep me going till Oktoberfest and Cannstatter Volksfest.
Coaster Toaster

taken from all the fun of the fair site:

Afterburer - Garry Evens
Ark - David Littelboy
Ark - ?
Big Wheel - Jan De Koning
Booster - George Irvin
CakeWalk - Stephen Holland
Chair-o-plaine - Harris Brothers
Chair-o-plaine - ?
Crazy Train - Henry Chipperfield
Dodgems - Charles Cole
Dodgems - ?
Dodgems - ?
FunHouse - ?
Gallopers - Harris Brothers
Gallopers - ?
Gallopers - ?
Helter Skelter - Micheal Rule
Helter Skelter - ?
Jump & Smile - ?
Log Flume - Abie Danter jnr
Matterhorn - Perron Coupland
Miami - ?
Miami - ?
Mirror Maze - Divid Wallis ?
Reverse Bungee - S&D Leisure
Roller Coaster - Abie Danter
Rotor - ?
Simulator - S&D Leisure ?
Skid - Russell Cook
Steam Yachts - John Saunders
Super Star - Edward Danter
Superbowl - Edward Danter
Tagada - Micheal Hickey
Tango - Perrin Matthews
Twist - ?
Twin Spin - Darren Matthews
UFO - John Wesselgine (ride has been repainted)
Waltzer - Clifford Codona

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